The warranty on products purchased through the www.motoutlet.it site is provided by the respective manufacturer. The warranty terms guaranteed by the manufacturer generally cover a period of at least 24 months from the date of delivery, against defects in materials or workmanship and guarantees the free replacement or repair the shipment paid by the customer of the product defective or broken.

Any complaint regarding the products purchased must be directly forwarded to Alesia s.r.l. at Via Fornace, 2 33170 Pordenone Italy, by registered mail with return receipt or other similar means which provides a written proof of receipt, within 8 days of discovery.

They are excluded from the guarantee: normal wear and tear of the products; inexperience of use, incorrect storage or treatment of the product, repairs and / or changes in the product. Alesia s.r.l. not ‘liable for damages or accidents caused by defects in products provided through the contract of sale, or to use or improper maintenance by the customer.

Each buyer and ‘responsible for the proper use and respect for local laws in the use of equipment provided through our services.